Professional project management is the key to a successful new bathroom project. Bathroom layout on an existing home is usually limited by floor joist location and direction as well as other mechanical and electrical limitations. Steve Nyhof Enterprises will determine what is possible and will guide you through the most efficient design for the space available.

If you are looking for specialty or custom cabinetry & tops, as a great benefit to you, Steve Nyhof has made special arrangements with many of the most reputable and well established cabinet manufacturers and finish plumbing fixture suppliers in the area.

Bathroom renovations are a great way to improve your daily quality of life and get an instant return on your investment should you later wish to sell your home. To do the job right your new bathroom renovation project requires the coordination and organization of Suppliers and Sub-Trades. This is where Steve Nyhof Enterprises will be a great help to you because we will manage your complete project, from design work, to electrical & plumbing, to drywall repair, all the way through to final cleanup.

Proper project management will ensure the many tasks are performed on a timely schedule and within budget. We will manage your project professionally and work together with you to give you tips and ideas on how to stay within budget and keep full control over design and costs. One great advantage is that we insist that you know the exact cost of your new bathroom project before you sign with us. There are no surprises, and any changes are priced and must be authorized by you personally before the work is started. This is generally where other builders often get into cost over-runs and client disputes.

Having custom designed and renovated bathrooms in the area for many years, we work with a team of professional Suppliers and Sub-Contractors, and have a system in place to keep things running smoothly. A bathroom is a room that you cannot function properly without; therefore it must be managed properly. It is important to us that you are happy with your bathroom renovation project.

As an experienced designer and builder Steve Nyhof brings you skill, judgment and integrity to the job. If you plan to renovate your bathroom, plan with Steve Nyhof Enterprises, Inc.. With a fair price, quality materials, excellent workmanship, professional service and a reputation for getting the job done right, we know you will be completely satisfied.

Important tasks that we manage in your Bathroom Remodeling project
  • moving & relocating walls
  • adding additions to homes
  • required demolition work
  • upgrading electrical wiring
  • all types of lighting
  • complete plumbing services
  • Bathroom cabinetry from all the best shops
  • plumbing fixture installation
  • comprehensive finish flooring and tiles
  • millwork and detailed trim
  • painting
  • cleaning of the bathroom

We will work for a fixed cost. The only extras will be the ones you want! We charge a flat fee, which is determined prior to construction. We respect your bottom line.

Take the first step toward enjoying your new bathroom today and increase the value of your home by calling Steve Nyhof Enterprises. We will manage your project professionally and keep things running smoothly.