Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the locations that you build your homes?

Most of the homes we have built are located between Grand Haven MI and South Haven MI. However, we are available to build anywhere in West Michigan along the lake shore, and out to other areas, like Zeeland MI, Holland MI, Hudsonville MI. and south to Hamilton MI and anywhere in Allegan MI.


Q. How much will it cost per square foot?

We do not price homes by the square foot alone because custom homes can vary widely due to many factors such as complexity, finishes and owner’s preferences. We have a base cost per square foot which includes most everything needed to construct a home. However, there are a number of materials such as windows, doors and a number of allowance items that will be added to the specification sheet for full details of whats included. 


Q. How many homes do you build in a year?

We usually build only three to six homes a year. I am personally involved throughout the entire building process of each and every home. I visit the homes on a daily bases and in many cases you will find me there all day answering questions, especially during the building of the structure.


Q. How long will it take to build my home?

The length of time it takes to build a home is determined by a number of factors. A 3000 square foot house, for example, may take 6 – 9 months depending on detail, complexity, time of year, etc.

We also have built several homes in the critical dunes areas along the lake shore which require DEQ permits, and may take up to 6 months just to get these approvals. Our last home took about 2 months which was a record time, but was also for an existing home on a flat property.


Q. Do you do any of the work yourself?

Things have changed in resent years and more people are demanding high levels of management and project skills. It is very difficult to put your time into the construction and still keep your customers informed with all the financial issues throughout the building process. Our sub-contractors are highly skilled and able to acomplish the tasks neccesary, which is provien by the many under-construction pictures you are welcome to view in our photo gallery.

Many people think that quality and craftsmanship are everything, and our quality and unique architectural charactor in the details prove themselves, but if questions arise and products change, you will be happy to know a well orgnized and detailed manager is in control.


Q. Can I or a friend do some of the work?

In general, it is our policy not to allow homeowners to work on their own home or use subcontractors we are unfamiliar with. This is due to reasons such as scheduling and keeping the quality and workmanship consistent with our high standards. Nevertheless, we will work with you to accommodate you in anyway to help make your home more affordable.