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<Holland>(one city out of many) Michigan(state) <Custom Home Builder>(keywords)

There needs to be a table where the builder (not just the admin) can add cities for the title and other areas.

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Holland Michigan Custom Home Builder

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Link: holland-michigan-custom-home-builder (city-state-keyword phrase)

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Welcome to <Steve Nyhof Enterprises, Inc.> (is the company name)

The decision to build a new custom home or remodel an existing home may be one of the most challenging decisions a person will ever make. It may also be the most important investment in terms of time and money that most people will ever undertake. We have earned a reputation as quality home builders, known for providing quality craftsmanship, sound product, and superior customer service.(this will be the default description when a new builder is made. However, this description can also be altered by the builder at any time.)

<Steve Nyhof Enterprises, Inc.> (is the company name)  is a <custom home builder> (keyword phrase) serving <Holland, Michigan (MI)> (from list of cities and state). We are builders of beaustiful homes ranging from <lakefront homes, vacation homes> (list - more than 1) "and" cottage homes>(list from home type>.

Our mission is to help in the design, and build a unique home for you that will be architecturally pleasing and personally functional for many years to come. We build <only a few homes>(qantity selection) each year. <This allows us to concentrate on attention to detail and the customer care you deserve.> (description used depending on quantity)

Our Quality And Commitment

Steve Nyhof Enterprises, Inc. is committed to meeting your expectations and specifications on your new custom home or remodeling project and your satisfaction is a direct reflection of our quality and professionalism. <Steve Nyhof>(builder name) is a hands-on builder who will work closely with you to make sure every detail is covered. Every trades contractor also understands our high standards and will work closely with Steve Nyhof Enterprises, Inc. to ensure you get the quality home you deserve.

(The list below will come from a table with descriptions that can be selected for the specific builder - I will make a list)

  • We build only a few homes each year
  • Knowledge and expertise of the building process and current trends
  • Flexibility and willingness to work with the customer
  • Attention to quality and details

(The links below can be text fields where we can give a name descripton and a url for the link - the city and state will come from the appropreate tables)

Holland, Michigan Home Builder Home
Holland, Michigan Homes Gallery
Holland, Michigan House Plans
Holland, MI Home Builder Testimonials

<Custom Home Builders, Luxury Home Builders, Custom Home Remodelers> and <General Contractors> for cities around <Holland, Michigan (MI), including: Coloma MI, South Haven MI, Fennville MI, Hamilton MI, Allegan MI, Zeeland MI, South Olive MI, Grand Haven MI, Hudsonville MI> (the full list of cities entered for the builder) and other smaller towns and villages in and around <Western Michigan (MI)>.

Contact us (from the builders contact table) for a free consultation or call < (800)-834-6198 Ext.34> ( from the builders main phone)


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(not included notes:)

  • When a new builder is created in admin, a list of predefined default keyword phrase list will be added to the builder.
    • A builder can add his/her own keywords to the new or default list.

  • We will need to make a new page (record) for each keyword phrase
    • This can be like the description wizard page where a builder can add a new record AND/OR copy a page to a new one and change the keyword names.
    • In fact It can be like the complete description system, starting with States > (Topics) Cities (Titles) > keyword phrases (Sub-Titles)
      • State1 (Michigan)
        • City (Holland)
          • Custom Home Builder
          • New Home Builder
          • Homes for sale
            • All details inside these pages will come from one table to fill them with details.
      • State2 (Arkansas)
        • City (Zeeland)
          • Custom Home Builder
          • New Home Builder
          • Homes for sale
            • All details inside these pages will come from one table to fill them with details.
    • You will want to keep the option to copy Cities with all the keywords, and delete a city or phrase
    • When a new city is added, it will include the default keyword phrase names (we need a default keyword phrase list)
      • City (Zeeland)
        • Custom Home Builder (from defaults)
        • New Home Builder (from defaults)
        • Homes for sale (from defaults)
    • Add seo to all icons for the SEO system. (If you want to make copies of the images and add the new seo to the names, that is fine.)
      • icon-bg-seo-add (add seo to each of the icons, then all I need to do is upload new icons that match the new names.

  • The image on the page will come from a random image inside the assets/Random folder on the builders web site, so I can use the builders images.
  • One question I have is in how does the search engines find all these pages?