Plan Center Testimonials


I am still so impressed with your web site! It was so easy to view our plan on the plan center, I loved being able to access my plans on my own time. Since we live about an hour away from your office, the plan center was very convenient for us. I really loved being able to see the progress.

Thanks again,
Bryan and Jennifer Boodt 


Working with Steve Nyhof Enterprises over the past few years has proven to be an invaluable resource that has grown our business. The direct access Plan Center has increased our productivity by leaps and bounds. What used to take us hours of running around now is just a click away.

Our customers appreciate the fast turn-around time with plan development and we appreciate the ease of use. I can't imagine running my business any other way. Thank you Steve for all you and your team does!

Brian Meiste;
President, Brian Meiste Builders Inc.


Got the plans. This is a pretty slick system!

Thomas J. Vanderwell
Senior Mortgage Officer


Thanks again,
Your system has been the easiest and most convenient we have ever worked with, and I look forward to using your company in the future!! We would like to be set up in the builder center, just let me know the information you need.

Lisa Martin
Sovereign Homes & Construction LLC 


I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are for all your support and help in making our web site stand out above the competition. We are very impressed with how you have integrated your design services with a number of systems you attached to our web site. We continue to get compliments from our customers on how smooth our planning process is for them, and the web site has helped by given our customers the ability to view and print their plans from their home and office.

The Plan Center has saved our company thousands of dollars in printing costs alone, not to mention all the time not having to run around, mail out blueprints and make phone calls. Getting bids from our sub contractors is a matter of a few clicks, and any last minute plan updates are immediately emailed, saving us time and costly mistakes.

A majority of our new build jobs are coming from the plan library as you know. I want to thank you for providing such an amazing resource that our prospects can search from. I also love that you guys can change and modify all of your house plans, and you do it so quickly.

We're very excited about the new Task Manager you're developing, and will be implementing it into our schedule as soon as it's available.

Thank you for putting so much thought into helping us sell more homes.
President; Mike Baumann
Baumann Builders, Inc.


Thanks Steve,
The web site has really helped the efficiency of this process. Have a great weekend!