Plan Modifications

We offer house plan design modification services for all of the house plans found on this site. While alterations are available for all plans, we have learned that there are times when the modification requested become too extensive, and starting from scratch will actually cost less.

  • Once we receive a marked up plan, we can put together an estimate which will be emailed back to you within two business days.
  • Standard completion time is typically less than a week, but can take up to two weeks if additional changes are requested.
  • The existing plan price and the modification estimate must be paid prior to doing the work and shipping or emailing files.

Example of a simple modification

Customer request:

  1. Move the walk-in closet to the outside wall to eliminate the hallway and make it larger
  2. Move the kitchen sink to the outside wall with a window
  3. Want a smaller bar and open up to dining room
  4. Would like a larger walk-in tile shower, a little more designer feel
  5. Take 24 inches from the front of the garage - only 22' deep
  6. Mirror the plan, want the garage on the right



Example of a complex modification

Below is an example of an extreme modification to a plan. This is not two separate plan designs, but one modified into the other. Please note that when this much is changed, almost every entity (wall, window, dimension, etc.) is moved, deleted and/or replaced, and effecting all the elevation views. We do not recommend this extensive type of modification because more errors can be made making sure everything is put back together correctly. Typically we will not do modifications to this extent and will suggest a custom designed plan.



If you're look for something unique or don't mind spending a few more dollars for more complex designs, please let us know your requirements and we will see what we might already have that we could use as a starting point. It never costs a thing to ask.

Submitting a plan for modification

As you see from the first example, simply print off the house plan or home plans you are interested in, mark them up and include a note (use a numbered list with numbers on the plan is best) , and fax it to (888) 848-3760 or email it to, attention Modification Department.

You can also contact our office directly at (800) 834-6198

  • Modification work is provided on an hourly basis at $75.00 per hour.
  • Call our office for an estimated fee for the desired modifications. Please Note: Complex modifications may require additional fees at $75.00 per hour for phone or office consultation that may be applied toward the final fees.