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My purpose in providing these newsletters is to help encourage and educate those interested in a more in-depth understanding of those things relating to the construction industry and how to implement and use the technologies available to us today in our business practices.


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    • General Interest
      • This newsletter will hit on issues related to the construction industry in general. Possibly to vent some frustration with building codes or to inform you of something great that happened, etc.
    • Custom Home Design
      • We have been designing and drawing house plans for over 28 years with well over 5000 plans drawn. Our primary business is designing and selling house plans. This newsletter will inform you of trends and new products available, amoung cost saving ideas you can add into your new home, as well as special offers and incentives.
    • Stock House Plans
      • Many of these plans are modified plans from another existing house plan. Every month new plans are uploaded to our plan library for your review. We currently have over 800 plans to choose from on-line. This newsletter will inform you when new plans have come available, as well as special offers and incentives.
    • Contractor Web Sites
      • We got into web site development years ago in attempt to better connect to our home builder clients. Through the years we have continued to develop and design new services and systems to help our builders sell more homes and communicate better with their customers. This newsletter will keep you informed of changes or new developments.
    • Custom Home Building
      • This newsletter is mainly to inform potential home buyers about structural issues, how to build affordably, amoung other building related issues like land or lots for sale, changing material prices and trends as well as special offers and incentives, nice incentives!


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