Typical Conversation about Website Sales

Hey Steve, I have a few questions about your web sites. How much do you charge to setup a web site?

Our setup fee is going to set you back a bit, we charge a whopping $150.00 to setup your site with your colors, starting with your ideas or from an existing template, then make changes to make it uniquely yours. You can look at others we have done and know that we do beautiful work.

How do you make any money charging only $150.00? I thought custom designed web sites were expensive.

I charge a small fee because I typically can put a site together in a few days. I do not make any real money on the setup fee, but it makes me feel good that I am making something for my work. And if I would do it for free, you would think there would be a catch and go away before giving me a chance to show you that our system goes way beyond anything else available.

So you make your money on the hosting fee, what is that?

We charge $24.95 per month to host a clients web site, but we include so much more than just a web site. We include a very powerful content management system to show off your homes for sale, or sold. And that is just the beginning. We also include a plan library of more than 500 house plans for you and your clients to search through and choose from. And, it is setup to look like all the plans belong to you. In fact, they are there for you to use in any way you like.

If you have a client interested in ideas only, and you have your own design team, or you design homes yourself, use them to design a new plan and sell that house. However, if you have a client that likes one of our plans, but just needs to make a few modifications, we would like the opportunity to make the changes for you and sell you a house plan. Typically around $500.00 +/-

That sounds great, I always liked the idea of offering my own house plans.

We have other great services also, like FREE house plans for bidding, why pay for a plan when you are not sure if the client can afford the house? Then if you do move ahead with the project, you can pay for the plans. We have many builders that take me up on this service. Sound like a deal?

Sure! Sounds like a win win situation to me. I wasn't even thinking about things like this.

I should also tell you that you can also upload your own plans if you have some. And, you do not need to choose all of our plans, you can select which plans from the list that you would like to show to your site visitors.

Sounds like you have put a great system together.

Well, we include many more systems as well. We are just finishing a project bidding system where plan documents can be emailed to your sub-contractors from the Plan Center. Your subs can bid the job, log into your website from a link in the email they received and upload and enter their bid document and costs. The system will send out consecutive emails to those who have not responded in a given amount of time. Once completed, you can choose from the bids you want to use, and generate an estimate for your client or speculation home.

We will also be implementing a scheduling system down the road.

And I should also say that as we continue to develop the systems that run the back end of your web site, we never charge any more money for hosting, you continue to pay only $24.95 per month (three month terms).

"At this point the conversation typically changes to..."

So what do we do next?

Well, I say, there is a lot more, our systems have been designed to help you sell more homes, and to help you do more of your work on-line where many things you do is reflected in your web site. Add a new property, or custom home project and it shows up on your web site for your subs and clients to access, or prospective home buyers to interact with, like printing an auto generated brochure or send a listing to a friend, and much more. But on the back end, you are creating a database of information. If you work with a Realtor, their commission fees can be entered. The system even gives you five different national housing cost estimates, including contractor fees and price per square foot. There is also a very cool Description Wizard we designed that generates descriptions for you based on a list of questions.

Ok, sounds great! What do you need from me to get started?

Well, I just want to make sure you understand what we are offering. Did I mention that the home listing system includes a live interactive location map that displays all your homes in their real locations, and prospects can even enter in their address to get the directions to the property. Or clicking on a number of options to bring the user to more details; like amenities, photos, floor plans and more.



What do we do to make this happen?

Send me an email, and I will respond with a list of links to current latest built web sites to look at so you can give me some ideas of what you like, and would like me to do for you. See below...


"Below is a list of things I typically like to have to help me understand what you want in your new web site...

  1. Company colors
    • If you have a letterhead or logo, I can get an idea of your company colors
  2. Logo
    • If you have a logo, send it to me, email is preferred, but if not in electronic format, send by mail
  3. Mailing address
    • Mailing address, phone numbers, cell, fax
    • Let me know what you are ok with listing on the web site
  4. Domain name
    • If you already have a domain, I will setup your site on a temp domain and then give you the IP Addresses that you will need to change.
    • If you need a domain, let me know what you are thinking you would like
      • domains with your company name is good
      • domains with home building, or home builders or contractors are all good
      • Example: JohnsonHomeBuilders.com
      • However, this is not that important for search ranking
  5. Preferred email addresses

That should about do it. If I have questions I will call or email you. If you have questions, you can call or email me any time you like, I am here to serve you and make this a great experience - Read what others have said.

Refer to the Frequently Asked Questions for more answers to your questions.