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Please read this through carefully as it has very important information to help make your site successful.

A couple of things to go over...

Our New Web Site - websidehouseplans.com

I am building a new web site. Snad.com will continue to exist for some time as it is based of a windows system and will not run on my new Linux system. Everyone's web site is being moved to the Linux system which has proven to be far more robust. Sorry Bill Gates.

The new web site is being built with every possible optimization for search engines. Your new site will also be far more search engine friendly, I'll explain that in a minute.

The new site will have several key services. First to try and generate more income, I have added a cart so people throughout the nation can purchase our plans on line.

Second, and I need to think this through a bit, but the builders that have built from the plans listed on our site will have a link back to their site. This will be a great way to get your name and web site in front of thousands of people.

We are currently setting up our system so you can select from any of our plans that you want to list on your site so people can search from your site. The current Plan Search will be replaced with this system. This system allows people to store plans in their favorites, send to friends and more to collect names and emails.

The system will also keep a record of every search and what people are searching for both from a builders site, as well as from our site. So I will be submitting reports of what people are searching for in different parts of the country. This should help you decide what homes to promote. I have many other ideas but time and money will drag it out.

Your New Web Site

I have enough web sites to host that it is keeping me way too busy, but not enough to hire someone to help me. So, if you get into a conversation with any of your sub-contractors, please mention my name. Connecting them to your site will make your site more powerful to search engines and hopefully some time soon I can get someone to help me.

If you host your site with us, your new web site system (once I get you moved over) is far more search engine friendly. I am going to touch on a few important areas in this news letter so you can understand the connection your site has with all search engine listings.

This is a phrase someone might type in to find a custom home builder.

I typed in custom home builder south haven mi


The Title Meta Tag. Your new site allows for it's own title description. If not filled out, Google will use the page name OR a line from your page content. Two things I did here, I am branding my name AND including what I do.
Important: The title needs to express what the page content is about or it can be placed lower in the search results.

The Description Meta Tag. If you do not add a description, google will use a line from your page content. You can use about 140 characters to get someone's attention and get them to click on your ad. Again, this info needs to express what is in the page content.

The Keyword Meta Tag or Keyword phrases. This is the most important because how you write your content will depend on if Google thinks you have the most relevant content that the user is searching for. Google is looking for several things, how closely your content corresponds to the users search phrase, how much of these keywords or phrases exist in other pages of your site, and if your keyword meta tag phrases also correspond with your page content.

Landing Page. A landing page is just what it means. A page or pages setup specifically to be found in search engine listings. A front door to your business. A testimonial or content page will typically not be a landing page, and therefore these pages do not need the same attention. Google information will tell you to just write your content as you want people to read and learn about you and what you offer. That is all nice and sweet, but if you want to show up you need to do more than that. Though I have not read it anywhere, I believe a page should be setup into two groups.

When you search for something, you want to gain the information you want or you will search again until you find it. For this reason, I strongly suggest that the top of your page be very relevant to what a prospective buyer is looking for. If you have read to this point in this newsletter, I am proud of you. But do you read this much information on a web site? Most likely not, so write the top of your page into short one and two sentience paragraphs.

The bottom of your page should be a bit redundant in it's content and include a number of search keyword phrases. Example: We build custom homes in South Haven MI. New home builder in Holland MI. We offer quality built remodeling services in South Haven Michigan. etc.

This is not very friendly to read, but placed under a few images at the bottom of your page will not be looked at poorly, but seen as what it is, lines of relevant content that helped the user find you. Do not over do it.

Links. Linking from one page to another is something Google also likes. It recognizes that you are trying to help the user through your site quickly. Your new site editor makes this very easy. But remember one thing, if you send someone to another page, and they do not want that content, make it easy for them to go back. Getting lost on a site is very frustrating.

Overview. Your site is like a store, place the things visitors want to see first. If you make everything important, nothing will be important. If you have a lot to say, break it up into several pages with links back and forth. Use relevant images with less and very specific content. Write short paragraphs and mix in a few images. (Get a good camera and take a lot of images from now on.) Tell yourself that you are going to work on your site once a week for an hour, concentrate on one page. Read your content in a month and change it to make it better. Owning a web site is a good start, but making it work for you is going to take some work.


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