Web Pages Included

These are the main pages we include in your new web site, giving your company an immediate and powerful presence on the Internet.

Click on the images below to view live examples

 Flash Photo Gallery

This photo gallery takes your photos and displays them as categories in a menu, the photos load by themselves and begin a slide show. Click on the thumbs below to view each photo. Nice transaction effect.

This photo gallery is a favorite for all our clients and a breath of fresh air when it comes to photo galleries.

 Custom Homes Page

This page is used for custom build jobs. Your customers can login to view their house plans and selections.

Selections system still in development

 Home Listings (Single Community)

The home listings system is where you show properties and homes you have for sale or sold, or homes under construction.

Includes a live map to show location and directions, it also includes a very powerful options system and more.

 Home Listings (Multiple Communities)

Same as above, only shown with multiple communities or locations. A great utility to sow all the places you build and homes under construction or sold.

The builder is still setting up his listings


 House Plan Search

If you want your own house plan library to offer your prospective home buyers, then here it is. We are working hard to upload more than 600 house plans for your use.

This system allows you to pick and choose the plans you want to list, or upload your own.

 Plan Center System

The Plan Center is used for your prospects, customers, sub-contractors and yourself. The Plan Center is a digital plan room service that allows you to access, e-mail, view and order print-ready documents using a web browser.

Click on the image on the left and try it out!

 Mortgage Calculators

Our Mortgage Calculator page is a great resource for you and your site visitors to find out what they can afford.

There are 7 different calculators all related to home mortgages.


Click here to see more common pages to help you get started right away. And remember, we set this all up for you - then you take over with us helping you when ever you need it.