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I am writing as a follow up to some of the response I have been receiving, and other information I have been reading about.

If you have been following my emails, I may have been telling you about things you really do not understand, nor care to understand. So I would like to step back and explain these things in detail from a stand-point of benefiting your company.

I hate computers... how can you help me?

That statement says a lot about where most home builders are when it comes to putting a web site together. Nor do they have the time. I understand this and am continually fine tuning our Builders Web Sites so our builders has very little to do to have a professional presence on the Internet.

One caller said that they have a do-it-yourself web site, but needed some help because they were not artistic and realized their web site is now making their company image look cheap. So, what do you really get with do-it-yourself web sites? ... "tools to do it yourself."

While our system allows you to edit your web site when ever you like, I personally set it all up for you, adding your photos, content, colors and design a custom template specifically for you. If that was all we offered, it would still be far more than any do-it-yourself web site service. After all, do you really think they care what your site looks like?

A Static Web Site

How many pages would you have to design to show off 40 house plans? At least 40. Can your site visitors search for specific criteria? Not effectively. The more creative you get with a static web site, the more cumbersome it will become.

And when you are all done, will your site ever stand up to the large builders who have spent tens of thousands for their web site? Our's can!

A Dynamic Web Site

What really sets us apart are the powerful feature pages we offer included with the Builders Web Site. Let me explain...

Our Home Listing and our new House Plan pages are generated from a database of information. This means, all you do is answer some questions to set it up, fill in the blanks, like how many square feet a house is, where a property is located, etc. There is no page design needed because we did that all for you.

A dynamic web site is a web site your site visitors can interact with. When a prospective home buyer is looking for homes, they can look at a list of homes or house plans by means of searching or by simple navigation.

If you have 4 homes for sale, or if you have 40 house plans you would like your site visitors to browse through, all you need to do is enter the data. From there they can view and print brochures, send information to their friends, layout furniture on house plans for a house for sale or on your house plans (future project) and much more.


I believe I have turned some people away because our system or services are not like other web hosting services. No easy "click here big buttons" to push to a web site in five minutes. - Do you want to run a professional looking company on the Internet, or a quick five minute company?

We have some great ideas for the future growth for our web sites. Get on board now while I am still crazy enough to spend countless hours for so little, and see for yourself that we really take an interest in helping builders just like you succeed on the Internet.

Our next newsletter will be about our new House Plan page - this is becomming one of the most impressive pages we have ever developed. Mirror plans, optional plan features tab, optional elevation tab, optional searchable front end and more. There is nothing like it available, and it can be a part of your new web site.


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